Welcome to the College
Welcome to the College

The paralegal profession is very diversified. There are many areas of law within which to work, such as family law, probate, real estate, personal injury, etc.

Within each area of law there are a variety of duties that one may pursue depending upon the individual’s preference and the needs of the attorney employing the paralegal.

Course Outline

Law Office Procedures (12 hrs.)

Paralegal definition, how paralegal are utilized, duties, office skills required, law office systems, job opportunities, research and writing overview, ethics, scope and source of law, courts, introduction to types of law

Commencing Civil Lawsuits (27 hrs.)
Breach of Contract Lawsuit: Introduction to contracts, interviewing new clients, research, drafting and procedure: summons, complaint, answer (pleading and form), letters (demand and miscellaneous), amended complaint, general denial, default documents, demurrer, cross-complaint, court filing, service of process, client communication, tickling, calendaring drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Discovery (24 hrs.)
Introduction to evidence, discovery codes, research, drafting and procedure for discovery documents: depositions, interrogatories, obtaining records, request for admissions, inspection of documents and things, exchange of expert witness information, physical and mental examinations, motions to compel, client communication, tickling, calendaring, drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Preparation for Trial (15 hrs.)
Research, drafting documents and procedure: setting a case for trial, pre-trial and settlement conferences, settlement documents, motions shortening or extending time, substitution of attorney, subpoenas, pre-trial investigation, taking witness statements, jury instructions, briefs, pre-trial motions, arbitration, trial notebook, client communication, pre-trial tickling, calendaring, drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Procedures After Trial (12 hrs.)
Research, drafting documents and procedure: statement of decision, judgment, renewal of judgments, cost bills, motion for new trial, order of examination, writ of execution (attaching wages and bank accounts), writ of possession (real and personal property}, writ of sale (selling assets of debtor), abstract and satisfaction of judgment, acknowledgments, collection procedure, withdrawal of attorney, client communications, tickling, calendaring, drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Research and Writing (45 hrs.)
Understanding the legal system (Mandatory vs. persuasive). Legal writing (IRAC), legal reading (reading, understanding and briefing a case), legal reporting (cases, statutes, citations), legal research (secondary source books, searching through legal source books methodology, Honigsberg grid, shepardizing), putting it all together (preparation of memorandum of law and memorandum of points and authorities/ brief), introduction and utilization of law library

Torts (18 hrs.)
Introduction to the law of torts, production and procedure for a complete personal injury lawsuit including interaction with insurance companies, client communication, tickling, calendaring, letter production, timesheets, filing

Probate (21 hrs.)
Introduction to probate law, review of non-probate procedures, research, drafting documents and procedures for a complete probate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act with full authority, client communication, tickling, calendaring, drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Family Law (21 hrs.)
Introduction to Family law, research, drafting documents and procedure for an uncontested dissolution and order to show cause for a temporary restraining order, client communication, declaration, tickling, calendaring, drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Unlawful Detainer (18 hrs.)
Introduction to Unlawful Detainer (evictions), research, drafting documents and procedure fur a complete unlawful detainer lawsuit, client communication, tickling, calendaring, drafting letters, timesheets, filing

Practical Application Lab (54 hrs.)
This lab provides a “hands-on” office environment to prepare students with the practical application needed to work in a law office or independent office.  Preparing documents, letter writing, one-on-one assistance from the instructor. We will cover commencing civil lawsuits, discovery, preparation for trial, after trial procedures, torts, family law, probate and unlawful detainer

Introduction to Windows (3 hrs.)
A complete presentation of Windows including all of the elements of the basic user interface, multitasking, OLE and sophisticated data sharing techniques. The File Manager will be taught in detail, emphasizing directory/subdirectory management, backup/archival techniques, file searches and disk maintenance.

Word Perfect (15 hrs.)
(Word processing with legal emphasis) Mastery of computer word processing is an essential capability for the paralegal, and Word Perfect is the program that serves the varied needs of a law office perfectly. Word Perfect streamlines and automates the production of a tremendously wide range of legal documents on pleading paper, letters, memos, reports, newsletters, flyers, briefs and other documents in applications.

Timeslips (12 hrs.)
Computerized billing allows for precise time and expense tracking for every client. Invoices can be prepared easily in a number of automatic formats that can be customized easily.  Management of client retainers and billing history can be fine-tuned on an individual basis

Legal Case Management Program (12 hrs.)
The functionality of the law office is all here on this computer program: a cabinet full of files on each different client matter, a card index of all the people in the lawyer’ s practice, a daybook for comprehensive scheduling, time sheets for recording billable hours, a telephone for managing calls, other tools for tasks like drafting documents

Lawdesk (18 hrs.)
State-of- the-art legal research increasingly features the use of CD-ROM based research tools. Learn to use the program in a variety of ways to implement researching the Codes, Case Law and Witkin.

Dissomaster (6 hrs.)
Computerized child and spousal support program, which conforms to rules of court adopted by the Judicial Council of California.

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